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Desserts from Guatemala: Pumpkin Pudding

Recipe of Pumpkin Pudding


1 cup condensed milk (or 1/2 cup of milk and ½ cup of sugar)
¾ cups cream cheese
5 eggs
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 cups sugar
2 cups of mashed pumpkin


 Put ½ cup of sugar  into a flan mold and put it over the fire until the sugar caramelizes, then make sure this caramel covers all the inside of the mold.   Let it cool off.
Put in a blender the other ingredients, the remaining of the sugar, the pumpkin, the cinnamon and the eggs.  Put this mixture into the caramelized mold and take it to medium hot oven.  This flan mold should go into a bigger mold with water in, and the flan mold should be covered with foil paper.  Let it cook for an hour and a half.  When it is done, if you put inside the flan a knife, it should come out clean.  Then the pudding or flan are done.
Serve it cold, and if you like, you can add vanilla ice cream on the same plate.
Enjoy it!




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