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Dessert of Costa Rica: Ripe Bananas in Glory

Recipe of Ripe Bananas in Glory


8 ripe plantains
2/3 cups butter
11/3   cup sugar
4 teaspoons vanilla
2 teaspoons cinnamon


Peel the plantains and cut them in slices of about 2 cm. thick.
Fry them in the butter with the sugar and the vanilla and cinnamon
Once starting to get brownish, and when they lost humidity, add one cup of water.  Let it dry out and add a second cup of water.  Maybe you’ll need a third cup of water, as they must be very soft at the end. 
These plantains can be served hot or cold.  If you serve them hot, you can add in the same dish, vanilla ice cream.  If you wish to serve them at room temperature, you can serve them alone in the dish or serve them with a puff of whipped cream.




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