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Food of Central America: Guatemala

Some info about the Food of Guatemala

The history of Guatemala comes from very ancient days, when the Mayas lived there. Later on the Spanish conquerors lived there for 300 years and later on  the Republic was settled, which up to this day is their system of government.  Each period left its own styles of food, of culture and this marked the modern Guatemalans.

The Mayas, as well as they did all over Central America, also the other groups of natives living in the different regions, loved to use corn, which they grew in all that region, Including the Lencas the Pipils, they all learn to grow and use the corn, or maize making of it the basic point of their diets. And when the Spanish came over, brought all their rich cuisine and therefore a mixture of different cooking styles is now the delicious Guatemalan food: rich, healthy and varied.

In Guatemala you can find chicken, turkey, beef, seafood, corn, beans and rice and an abundance of fresh vegetables.

Recipe of Guatemalan Radish Salad


1 pound radishes
½ plant of celery
!/4 cup of lemon juice
mint leaves for decoration


Wash carefully the radishes, take leaves off, take the borders off
Cut them in thin slices, previously taking some lengthwise small pieces off, so that each slice will be trimmed as a fancy circle,
Add the celery cut in small pieces
Mix with the lemon juice
And before serving it decorate the bowl with the mint leaves.




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