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Food from Central America: Panama

Some Info about the Food of Panama

Recipes from Panama reflect the ethnicity of its population.  That country has people from French, Chinese, Afro Cuban, Caribbean, Spanish and natives origin.  Therefore the typical recipes from Panama are a gathering and a very tasty result of all these different cuisines.

Cultural influences include from North Americans to Europeans also, all having great influence sin the food of Panama.

The food from Panama, besides being very tasty,  is also very healthy as it’s based mostly on rice, beans and vegetables and usually not very spicy. And coconut milk is very much enjoyed in their dishes.

A regular meal in Panama consists of rice, (maybe with coconut milk), chicken or maybe some fish and   also fresh fruits, of which Panama, being a tropical country
has in abundance.                         

 One of the most versatile fruits is the Platano, which is prepared in different ways,  a fruit similar to bananas but bigger.  Panamanians cook them in many different ways, either frying them, baking them with sugar and maybe cinnamon or serving them mashed, and   with some meat or vegetables.

Strange to our taste is the fact that Panamanians like to eat chicken’s feet.
They take that as a feast, maybe fried or baked  or in a soup.

Clam Soup of Panama

1 ½ pounds of cooked clams
3 garlic cloves cut in very small pieces
2 onions, very thinly sliced
4 bacon slices, cut in very small pieces
6 cups of water
2 sweet potatoes cut in little squares
2 platanos  (plantains)  cut in little squares too
1 teaspoon oregano
¼ cup of whipped cream


In a large pan, put the bacon together with the onions, the garlic and once the onions get transparent, then add the water and add the sweet potatoes, the clams, cook for about 15 minutes.  Add the oregano, the platanos, salt and pepper and cook for 15 more minutes. Then put the fire off and add the whipped cream.  Let it rest for some minutes and serve hot.
Enjoy it!




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