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Food from Central America: Honduras

Some Info about the Food of Honduras

Honduras food’s recipes derive from the union of its inhabitants and its history.  Because most of its population comes from Spanish conquerors, as well as the original inhabitants, the mayas and the lencas which also left their dishes and eating preferences up to this day.  Africans also brought their imagination in the preparation of several of their dishes.  And because of all this fusion, the Honduran food is very savory and tasteful, and sweeter than other neighboring countries.  Honduran recipes also use plenty of coconut.

People living near the sea prefer and prepare mostly seafood and those living away from the sea prefer different meats, always serving them with salads and many different fruits that are mostly grown all over the country.

Honduras is it produces great recipes, tasty food and that most of the food is grown there, and most families produce their own fruits and vegetables. That is one of the reasons why the food of Honduras is so tasting and enjoyable.

As inheritance of the Mayas and Lencas origin, corn is one of the ingredients more used and valued by the Honduran.  With corn they make their traditional Tortillas, which is served with almost any other dish.  Beans and rice are also a must in their diet.  One of the dishes served all over the country is the Conch Soup, and though originated in the north coast, was quickly accepted everywhere in the country!

Honduras Conch soup


1 ½ pounds of conch
1 ½ shredded coconut
3 carrots
11/2 pounds of yucca
1 red pepper
3 onions
4 cups of water (or chicken broth)
2 cups of coconut milk
¼ cup of chopped basil
¼ cup of celery
2 garlic cloves
1/3 cup of butter
2 bananas  (optative)


Cut all vegetables in small cubes and fry them in a large pan in the butter.
Add the water and the tastes (garlic, basil, celery).  Add the coconuts milk, and the bananas cut in slices.  When the bananas are soft, add the conch cut in small pieces and let it boil there some ten minutes or until they are done.  Enjoy it.





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