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Characteristics of the Gastronomy of Each Central American Country:

Central American Foods and Desserts

Food from El Salvador

Food from Honduras

Food from Costa Rica

Food from Panama

Food from Nicaragua

Food from Belize

Food from Guatemala

Foods and Recipes of Each Central American Country

El Salvador Food and Recipes

Honduras Food and Recipes

Costa Rica Food and Recipes

Panama Food and Recipes

Nicaragua Food and Recipes

Belize Food and Recipes

Guatemala Food and Recipes

Central American Foods and Desserts

Central America has a great importance in the history and geography of the American continent. Since it is a link between North and South America, and since in this area was where the first Spanish landed, Central America is a bridge between cultures, it has an extremely rich history and origins.

The Origins of the Central American Foods and Recipes

Their origins come from the very ancient civilizations, such as the Mayas, whom we are still learning about and finding out things they were expert in. This way, this region is extremely rich in culture and in cuisine.  As both things go parallel, they left us some of the most typical and enjoyed foods in the actual world, like corn, peppers, beans, chili peppers, yucca, squash and many others.

The Mayas influence in the Central American cuisine is, up to this day, very important, including the use of tomatoes, bananas and the so many recipes using fishes, and sea products. But we also have in this region the Spanish influence, which after centuries of their installation in this continent, made a strong mixture of their cuisine with the natives’.  And to make it all the richer, more natives influence, like the Lencas and the Pipils, Aztec influence, the Caribeans influence, too, and immigration:   They received the strong influence of African, European and Chinese immigration, which also added their tastes and ingredients to this cuisine.


Facts about the Central American Recipes and Dishes

Most countries in Central America have a diet based on rice, beans, corn, coconuts,   and the so many variations of fruits and vegetables which grow in their tropical weather in large amounts and which are absolutely delicious.  Fruits from this region such as banana, papaya, pineapple, plums, are much tastier than the same fruits somewhere else.  The privilege they have is the weather and the very rich lands where the fruits and vegetables grow. And to this we can add all the seafood, and good steaks you can find there, in any of the Central American countries.

Their breakfasts are usually very abundant, often including a dish with beans and rice, sometimes adding some pork in them. And usually it is not only healthy food but also has good taste, variety and flavor. This way, in the recipes of Central American food you’ll probably be able to find just the perfect cuisine for you.


Características de la Gastronomía de Cada País Centroamericano:

Comidas y Postres de América Central

Comida de El Salvador

Comida de Honduras

Comida de Costa Rica

Comida de Panama

Comida de Nicaragua

Comida de Belize

Comida de Guatemala

Comidas y Recetas de Cada País Centroamericano

Comida y Recetas de El Salvador

Comida y Recetas de Honduras

Comida y Recetas de Costa Rica

Comida y Recetas de Panama

Comida y Recetas de Nicaragua

Comida y Recetas de Belice

Comida y Recetas de Guatemala



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